Lavazza Qualita Oro Coffee Beans 1kg

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-Lavazza Qualita Oro Coffee Beans

 -1 kg package

 -Pure Arabica

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 -Lavazza Qualita Oro is 100% Arabica from Central America and Africa. Intense, slightly floral aroma and the medium roast add  to the characteristics of high quality Arabica from Central America. Qualita Oro has a  slightly sweet, round and soft taste. This coffee is  delicate and refined.

 -Lavazza, the makers of  Qualita Oro earn gold in our opinion! They managed to create a softer, more delicate roasting which ensures that all perfectly natural elements emerge and the delicious body still remains. The long finish makes this coffee a perfect ending to a fabulous meal. Beautifully balanced. Great to serve as an Americano, Lungo, or Espresso.

-Suitable for all machine types.

-Packed per kilogram with a special air seal.