Lavazza Qualita Oro Mountain Grown Coffee Beans 1kg

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Lavazza Qualita Oro Mountain Grown coffee beans

-The Lavazza Qualita Oro coffee beans consists of 100% Arabica from Central-South America and Ethiopia.

-And coffee at a great height

-The best quality coffee grows at heights up to 2,000 m, where ripening is slower thanks to extreme temperature fluctuations.

-These varieties are usually particularly sweet and aromatic, known for their subtle acidity and fruity, floral notes; unlike coffee that grows at a lower height, which tends to have a more rounded, balanced profile.

-Rich and velvety.

-Nuts of fruit and flowers.

-Full and aromatic taste.

-Aromatic tones of chocolate and dried fruit.

-1 kilo package.

-Suitable for all machine types.

-Packed per kilogram with a special air seal.

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