Lavazza Tierra! Coffee Beans 1kg

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-Lavazza Tierra! Selection 100% Arabica coffee beans

-1 kilo package

-Pure Arabica

-Rainforest Alliance certified

-The Lavazza Tierra! coffee is the result of a project that Lavazza has started with farmers in Honduras, Peru and Colombia to help them create a better existence. This was done with respect for nature and the social and cultural customs of the countries where these high quality Arabica beans are grown. Lavazza works on this project with the Rainforest Alliance and meets the requirements to carry the Rainforest Alliance label.

-The Tierra! is a 100% Arabica coffee with a distinctive fruity flavor and rich aroma. The slightly fruity and milder flavor makes a distinctive difference in the body of this coffee. This coffee is not a “typical Italian espresso” and showcases the range in flavors of what Lavazza can create. Tierra! has a nice finish with a recognizable hint of chocolate. Served perfectly as a Lungo, Americano, or Espresso.

-Suitable for all machine types. 

-Packed per kilogram with a special air seal.