DeLonghi Water Filter DLSC002 for Espresso and Bean to Cup Machines

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The DeLonghi Water Filter DLS C002 is specially designed for Espresso and Bean to Cup Machines. It's engineered to reliably filter the water to leave the optimum ingredient for the perfect coffee. This filter prevents scale and filters many other substances detrimental to flavor and aroma out of the water. It features a timer that lets you know when the unit is on for easier use.

Developed to help deliver the best-tasting coffee, this filter effectively eliminates taste impairing components and retains the minerals and fluorides that are important for health. Designed to help improve machine performance and efficiency by preventing limescale build-up, so you get the best performance with every use. Compatible with EC685 and ECP series pump espresso, BCO combi, ECAM and ETAM Automatic Coffee Makers series