Lavazza Super Crema Coffee Beans 1kg

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Lavazza Super Crema coffee beans

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-1 kilo package

-Arabica and Robusta

-The Lavazza Super Crema coffee is composed of premium Arabica and Robusta beans. For instance, South American and Brazilian Arabica is used, combined with  (premium and washed) Robusta from Indonesia. Lavazza also used the special Arabica species Maragogype (Elephant Bean). This bean is mild and round and adds a unique flavor to the blend. The Super Crema has a slightly mild and balanced flavor, without bitterness. A full coffee with spicy hints and a recognizable and pleasant, smoky flavor. Pleasant finish. 

-Balanced with a mild spice and full depth of flavor and light acidity.

-Suitable for all machine types.

-Packed per kilogram with a special air seal.