Lavazza Top Class Coffee Beans 1kg

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Lavazza Top Class Coffee Beans 1kg

 -1 kilo package

-Arabica and Robusta

-Lavazza Top Class is a rich blend of 50% premium Arabica from Central and South America and 50% premium washed Robusta from Indonesia.

A special slow roasting process dries out the bean and maintains its unique, full taste. This special roasting process makes this coffee a model for obtaining a perfect taste when using high quality premium Robustas. Rich, full and slightly sweet flavor, long aftertaste, solid crema and medium caffeine content make this truly a Top Class coffee. Enjoy as an Espresso, Americano, Lungo, or with any coffee drink created with milk.

-The dry bean, contains less oil, and makes it ideal for all types of coffee machines.

-Suitable for all machine types.

-Packed per kilogram with a special air seal.

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